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Pinball Heaven

As one of the most successful Pinball Machine UK specialists in the business, Pinball Heaven stocks an extensive range of pinball machines, spares and replacement parts. If you are looking to buy pinball machine memorabilia then you will be delighted to know that they have managed to obtain of a superb assortment of highly desirable collectible items over the years which are guaranteed to satisfy the demands of the most avid collector - Visit Pinball Heaven here

Xenon Cleaning Services

When looking for a contractor for Cleaning Services in London you will a wide variety of companies and options however, they believe these services should be provided by well managed and dedicated staff. Xenon Cleaning Services London are a well established commercial London cleaning company with a world renowned client list. - Visit Xenon Cleaning services here

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Pinball Info

Pinball Info is the UK's biggest and best discussion Forum about Pinball, Arcade toys, along with just about anything!!
With free registration and lots of great Technical info and members, come and join the madhouse! -
Visit Pinballinfo here


Providing Pinball parts for all machine generations, in-home service visits and board repairs at our workshop, we specialise in everything you need to keep flipping..
Visit PinballMania here

Woodtech Workshop

Located in West Sussex, England, WoodTECH Workshop is a small business with a personal touch. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and the quality of their work. Their business is producing original and exclusive quality products, from contemporary furniture to original design storage boxes and gift items. WoodTECH are also experts in the restoration of pinball machines, from playfield refurbishment to full cabinet replacement
Visit WoodTECH here

Seattle Pinball Museum

Dedicated to the preservation of pinball for future generations!
Visit Seattle Pinball Museum here

1 Stop Pinball

Specialising in Pinball parts and custom Led kits for all your Machines.
Visit 1 Stop Pinball here

Turnarcades Custom Arcade Machines

Turnarcades are home-based arcade builders based in the West Midlands, England. We custom build video arcade and entertainment machines based around home PC architecture. Our unique machines are designed to replicate authentic arcade machines as closely as possible to bring the ‘old school’ arcade experience home, but also take advantage of the power, capacity, flexibility and customisable properties of modern home PC technology.
Visit Turnarcades here

Revival Retro Events

REVIVAL is a retro event aimed at bringing as many true retro gamers together as possible in one place for the classic gaming experience we all really want to share, whilst retaining a very personal, social event feel.
Visit Retro Revival events here

Retro Games Party

So what does Retro Games Party offer? Simple! There are a growing number of events happening across the globe where people dust off their old computers like the BBC Micro, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, load up some games and become immersed in the old, strangely addictive gameplay.
What we do is try to advertise as many of these events as possible and we also run a few of our own!
Visit Retro Games Party here

Northern Lights Pinball

Home of the biggest and best pinball show in the North of England, Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust
Visit Northern Lights Pinball here


The GozMod is a modification for your AFM pinball machine which would have been included in the pinball machine, had the technology been available when it was originally designed.
This modification replaces the PCB of the Mothership and uses bi-colour LEDs which change from green to red in accordance with the game play. The resulting modification is subtle and enhances the game play without being too brash, intrusive or "in your face"
Visit GozMod here


PinNin are the Official Importer and seller of Super Bands (TM) in Europe. Super Bands (TM) will be fitted on some machines at the South Coast Slam for players to try out. PinNin also supply other pinball machine parts including plastics, ramps and new motors for TAF and POTC.
Visit Pinnin.de here

Pheonix Arcade

Today, (when Darin isn’t avoiding “ghosts” and “gobbling up fruits”), he and his wife help other dealers and collectors restore their vintage arcade games with quality art reproduction and service provided by Phoenix Arcade.
Visit Pheonix Arcade here

Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball, Inc., located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, is the oldest and largest producer of pinball games in the world. Stern’s highly talented creative and technical teams design, engineer and manufacture popular arcade-quality pinball games. Recent popular Stern titles include Star Trek, Metallica, Avengers, X-Men, AC/DC, Tron, Transformers, Avatar, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman and many more. All of Stern’s pinball games are crafted by hand and assembled by Stern’s expert team in the United States. Both pinball enthusiasts and casual players around the globe enjoy Stern’s games.
Visit Stern Pinball here